Adopted at 3 days old into a skinny family this chubby little girl developed a sense of humor at a very early age. It would serve her well as she ventured out into the world.


She grew up an Army Brat which took her from Alaska to Maryland and many places in between. This gave her an opportunity to see the world from many different perspectives and helped her to never meet a stranger. As a child constantly transferring from school to school she soon found out that if she made her class mates laugh then she would be accepted as one of them. The perpetual class clown throughout school got her nominated in her senior year as, “Never To Be Forgotten”.


Prior to going pro, people at the office would gather around her instead of the water cooler, and socially she was always the life of the party. Little did she know this would serve as the beginnings of a comic in training.


Her comedy debut came in 1993 at a talent show for a company picnic. With over 700 hundred people in the audience, she nearly passed out from the fear and excitement.  She plowed through her five minute skit in just over 50 seconds.  Even though she had rushed through her material like an auctioneer who needs to go to the restroom – the experience planted the comedy bug in her in a BIG way. She’d been told for most of her life that she should be a comic, however coming from a blue collar family, it never occurred to her that it might lead to a new profession. She appeared on Comedy Centrals Roast of Flavor Flav, and has performed at major clubs, professional conferences, colleges and for the troops .


A few years ago she got on the scales and realized she was about three bacon cheeseburgers shy of being perfect circle. Right then and there she decided to take charge of her life and within two years had lost over 200 pounds – this just after having recently ending a 33 year love affair with nicotine. Needless to say, after all this – she would need a new headshot.


In over a decade and a half, she has opened for such greats as Ben Frank, Anita Job, Bill Ewe and Shirley Goode.