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3rd Blog “the Charm”

3rd Blog “the Charm”

The third is the charm, right? ┬áSo here it goes……..


The 3rd’s The Charm

I like charms

I like to wear ’em on my arms

I like to hang ’em from my ears

I can show ’em off to all my peers

I like ’em hanging from my nose

So I look purty when I pose

I like ’em stapled to my face

‘specially the number 3 dur’n a Race

I like charms I surely do

I hope you like ’em too


Taaa Daaa!!!

Thank you, thank you, very much.

Mary’s in Myrtle Beach Memorial Weekend

Mary’s in Myrtle Beach Memorial Weekend

Hey all my friends out here in “funny” land if you are lucky enough to be in Myrtle Beach this Weekend come hang with me at the Hilton for a night of fun frolic and laughter. Tonight May 27th and tomorrow tonight May 28th show time at 8:00 each night. Come ride the funny train–CHOO CHOO……